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Our Story


About Our Founder

Aaron Villanueva was raised in Nashville, TN by his mother and father. He has been in the painting industry since youth, working summers while in school, as his father was also a painting contractor. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he was fortunate enough to grow up gaining knowledge that was setting the foundation for his career and business. At the age of 20, knowing he needed to find a way to support himself and his family, he humbly started working full-time in painting, acquiring projects of his own.

He had the opportunity to work under some of the best industry leaders. He started to learn more and was blessed by other successful people in business coming alongside him and mentoring him. He was inspired with the idea to take a chance on himself to not just work underneath the best industry leaders but to become one of them. He is eternally grateful and gives all the glory to God for putting good people in his life at the time that he did.

In 2015, AllBright Pro Painting was created. The early formative years were working to hone his craft, build relationships and eventually, he hired his first employee. Instinctively, he knew it was essential to build a reputation for quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and excellent communication.

Over the years, Aaron has continued building long term relationships with not only people in the industry but his customers. He prides himself on providing customers with the same attention and care for their homes just as he would for his own. As AllBright continued to grow, he quickly realized he needed to build a team that shared the same vision and determination as him. Our founder has added management staff, equipment, and systems year by year. We have decades of professional experience using quality materials at the hands of skilled personnel to create results our clients love. As we continue to grow, we always keep intact our promise to deliver premium quality results for our clients.