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Value of Exterior Painting Services Franklin TN

Have you been considering an interior or exterior facelift for your property? Our Franklin TN Painting Services can help you! Investing time and money in an exterior paint job can seem like a waste of money however a beautiful exterior coat of paint can be an absolute show stopper and has the ability to give a home a brand-new lease on life. You can never underestimate the impact that a fresh and clean coat of paint can have on the outside of your home or building. It doesn’t matter what material, from brick to wood and even vinyl, our team of experienced and expert exterior house painters have tons of experience, and our Painting Services in Franklin TN will deliver a finish that will wow you in every way!

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Frist our team will start the preparation process. During this time we will wash and scrape existing paint, dirt, grime, and debris from your building. Then we will consult with you about any repair work or renovations you want to add in at this point. After this, it is time to apply primer to prepare for that first coat of fresh paint.

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Now comes that new coat of paint. This process differs depending on the size, style, and material of your building. Our professional Franklin TN Painting service providers know this and therefore will let you know exactly what to expect and how long the process should take but you’ll be able to see from the first lick of paint just how amazing your exterior is going to look.

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Now its time to add those finishing touches. Detailing, touch-ups and cleaning are all part of the service and our team will be in contact over the coming days to ensure you are happy with every inch of your newly painted property.

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Commercial Painting Services in Franklin TN

The first priority of our team is to ensure we don’t disrupt your working day, we know how important it is to cause as little disruption as possible to your business and that is a priority for having the best Painting Services in Franklin TN. All members of our team are professionals and are trained, skilled, and experienced in painting a range of exterior surfaces including:

  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Wood, Composite, and Vinyl Siding
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Fascia
  • Eaves
  • Wood Shutters 
  • Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Decks
  • Patio Covers
  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Railings  

After you have talked with one of our team members and scheduled a time that is suitable for you and your company, we will then set up another call before your exterior painting project date begins so we can cover all details of what you require and what will suit your business needs.

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Why choose our Franklin TN Painting Services

So why should you choose Franklin TN Painting Services? Nothing is more important to our team than delivering a service and finish that you will love. We want to make it as easy as possible by offering a simple booking system where you can book a free, no-obligation consultation online or simply call us for more information. Before any work is started we will give you a detailed quote including the price and description of the services we plan to provide for your home or business so you know exactly what to expect. Choosing the right colors and scheme can be one of the hardest parts if not the hardest part of the job. With us, you don’t have to do it alone, we’re happy to help in any way we can. Our team will gladly sit down with you and look at the options you have available. We will consult with you about what colors will work best for your home or workplace. Once the decision has been made, the rest is up to us. After the work is completed we will walk through to ensure you’re happy and if it’s a commercial property we will work with you to make sure you see minimal effects on your day to day business needs. This is why we know we offer the best service in town so contact our Franklin TN Painting Services today to get your property looking immaculate!

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